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Joint Fact-Finding in Urban Planning and Environmental Disputes (co-edited with Todd Schenk)

Routledge (Earthscan Science in Society Series). (October 2016)

joint fact finding in urban planning and environmental disputes

This book examines how groups looking to plan and make decisions in any number of areas can wade through the imperfect and often contradictory information they have to make fair, efficient, wise and well-informed choices. It introduces an emerging and very promising approach called joint fact-finding (JFF). Rather than each stakeholder group marshaling the set of facts that best advance their respective interests and perspectives while discrediting the contradictory facts others provide, groups are challenged to collaboratively generate shared sets of facts that all parties accept. This book introduces readers to the theory of JFF, the value it can provide, and how they can adopt this approach in practice. It brings together writings from leading practitioners and scholars from around the world that are at the forefront of the JFF approach to science intensive policymaking, urban planning, and environmental dispute resolution. The first set of chapters outlines the concept of JFF, and situates it within other bodies of theory and practice. The second set of case-based chapters elucidates how JFF is being applied in practice.


Localizing Public Dispute Resolution in Japan

Saarbruecken, Germany: VDM-Verlag. (2009)

Localizing Public Dispute Resolution in Japan

Using Assisted Negotiation to Settle Land Use Disputes: A Guidebook for Public Officials

L. Susskind, O. Amundsen and M. Matsuura
Cambridge, MA: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 1999.

Book chapters (those available in English)

Routledge Handbook of Energy Transitions

Araujo, K. Ed. (2023)

Handbook of Energy Transition

Chapter 18: The Policies and Politics of Missed Opportunity for a Post-Fukushima Energy Transition


Biofuels and Sustainability: Holistic perspectives for policy-making

Takeuchi, K., Shiroyama, H., Saito, O. and Matsuura, M. Eds. (2018)



Educating Negotiators for a Connected World

Honeyman, C., Coben, J. and Lee, A. Eds. (2013)

Chapter 9: Beyond Negotiation 2.0: Teaching negotiation in the multi-stakeholder, multi-level, and multi-processes world of public policy

Masahiro Matsuura, Boyd Fuller, Sanda Kaufman, Dong-Young Kim & Kenshi Baba

PDF is available on line:


Sustainability Science: A Multidiscilinary Approach

Komiyama, H., Takeuchi, K., Shiroyama, H. and Mino, T. Eds. (2011)
United Nations University Press.

Consensus-building Processes

Masahiro Matsuura (pp. 171-189)