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One of the requirements for our Master of Public Policy students is to submit a research paper. I am supervising a few international students every year on various topics.

Former and current supervisees in the English-track program

Class of September 2024

Borsje Timothy (Australia)

Kyle Chan Soknaran (Cambodia)

Phan Tuyet Nga (Vietnam)

Class of September 2023

Ms. Nu Hnin Wai (Myanmar)

Ms. Trà My Nguyễn (Vietnam)

Class of September 2022

Mr. Saiduzzaman Pathan Md. (Bangladesh): Assessing the Service Quality of the E-mutation Service of Bangladesh: A SERVQUAL Analysis

Class of September 2021

Ms. Arkabaeva Cholpon (Kyrgyz): Transparency--key to building public trust during health emergency: Case of COVID–19 in Kyrgyz Republic.

Ms. Sak Sreynoch (Cambodia): Public Participation for JICA-funded Infrastructure Projects in Cambodia.

Class of September 2020

Mr. Mohammad Jahedul Hoque Shahin (Bangladesh): Why not e-government?: A study of factors affecting the adoption of e-government in Bangladesh

Ms. Nyveara Phal (Cambodia): The Relationship betweenLeadership Style and Employees' Commitment in the Public Sector: Case Studies of the One Window Service Unit in Cambodia

Class of September 2019

Mr. Dolan Md Abu Raihan (Bangladesh): User perception on the quality and effectiveness of e-government in the rural areas of Bangladesh

Mr. Kalybek Akmatov (Kyrgis): The Role of Continuous Improvement on the Performance of IT-related Government Agencies: Case of the Kyrgyz Republic

Class of September 2018

Mr. Taian Nihad Adnan (Bangladesh): Capacity Building in Cyber Security-based Units of Bangladesh Police

Ms. Dashjamts Enkhtuul (Mongolia): Improving Occupational Accident Reporting in Mongolia: A comparative study of reporting systems in different countries

Ms. Yesmin Mst Farhana (Bangladesh): Improving Pedestrian Sidewalks in Dhaka Metropolitan Area: applying lessons from the traditional Japanese ‘Shotengai Streets.’