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Bicycle sharing research project: Case study

Oslo Citybike (Oslo kommune, Norway)

by Masa Matsuura

Oslo kommune (City of Oslo) has made a contract with an advertisement agency --Clear Channel/Adshel-- to provide a bikeshare program in downtown Oslo. The program is one of the most innovative system in the world. Users can purchase a chip card for 60 Norway Kroner. This chip card gives access to the bicycles stationed on computer-operated racks around the town.
The bicycles are specially designed for Oslo. For example, they have a wide tire to avoid stucking into the tracks of trams, which is quite widespread around the town. Frost brothers designed this bicycle.
In European countries, there are struggles by advertisement agencies to obtain permissions to put advertisement billboards. Clear Channel and JCDecaux are two major companies, and they are both trying to sell bicycle sharing schemes packaged with advertisement spaces that will eventually sold to their clients.
Web Site of Clear Channel/Adshel Norway
Web Site of Oslo Kommune Samferdselsetaten (in Norwegian)
Web Site of Frostprodukt [Desingers] (in Norwegian)
Web Site of Clear Channel/Adshel (International Site)

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